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Past Sales 4

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"Classy Little Olena"
10 yr. Old Double Registered  82% Foundation bred mare.
AQHA # 4720887
NFQHA # F0029831

Classy is a pretty little mare that most certainly lives up to her name !!

Excellent conformation and sound in ever way. Classy is Gentle and Easy to handle all the way around.

She likes to keep it slow and easy but is more that willing to step it up when ask. She has nice smooth gates and smooth transitions.

Classy is an easy and fun little mare to ride and she's very forgiving.
You just can't mess her up she's knows what she's doing !!

She's got a super nice handle on her and I feel she would Excel in trail classes. She would make a great little show mare for 4H or fun shows.
Classy has been shown in the NFQHA shows and does have show points so she's no stranger to it.

Classy is easy to catch, easy to load,  stands super quite at the rail, easy to handle all the way around. Classy is not in the least bit spooky...

Walks, trots, lopes and very smooth. You can open and close gates off her very nicely, she side passes, is lite in the mouth and has a nice low head set.

She's just a super nice mare all the way around and Would work for any family and pretty much any rider...



There is to much good in this gal to show it all !! The video does not do her justice!!

check out her pedigree @ www.allbreedpedigree.com/classy+little+olena

Classy is offered for sale for $3200

More info contact Sky 270-459-1602

Email quartercircled@gmail.com

GQH BLUE LYNX   (Forest)
6 yr. Old AQHA Gelding.
DOC O'LENA  Bred top and bottom.
Check out is bloodlines @ www.allbreedpedigree.com/gqh+blue+lynx

This nice looking little bay gelding is bred for Cow and work.

Forest has been used at the feed lot doctoring cattle as well as the stock yard and is no straighter to a days work.

He has a lot to give and will work all day an then some.

He's a pup to handle with a great personality.
Forest is great on the trails and will go anywhere however we are not selling him as a trail gelding but offering him for sale as a cowboys horse and feel he needs to go somewhere he will be used and worked doing what he knows and loves.
He's got to nice of a handle and to much feel for a beginner or novice rider.

He would do well in cattle classes sorting and penning he would really shine!!  He already knows the work.

Watch his video !!



'Magics Little Molly"  SOLD

Molly is the sweetest and cutest little thing you will find :) she is so gentle and easy to handle. She just Wonts to be your buddy !!
She is very poky !!! If you are looking for a small pony for your child or grandchild to learn just general handling, SHE IS PERFECT!
Molly has never offered to be mean in any way what so ever. She's more than patient. You can touch her anywhere and she prefers to just stand there no matter what your doing :) grooming, saddling, hoof work or riding ! She stays calm and gentle :) she is the type you can just let the kidsplay with in the back yard and not have to worry about them. She's a special little gal :)
Molly is registered with the America Mini Horse Registry. She is 16 yrs old and stands 32 inches. CUTE AS THEY COME!!
Molly is offered for sale for $650
Watch Her Video!

Pretty (SOLD)

Pretty is So wonderful!! She gentle and patient in every way I just Love this little mare.. Doesnt have a mean bone in her body..

She's a 5 year old standing 41 inches tall the perfect size :)


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"Holly" (SOLD)

Holly is just as sweet and gentle as you can find.. She is 4 yrs old standing 41 inches tall.. Just the right size for a child to start with and will last them severval years.. 

Holly is so sweet and very very gentle.. She's easy to handle and loves to be with people..

Holly will make the perfect pony for any child! 

WATCH HER VIDEO it does not do her justice..

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"Bell" (SalePending)

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"Henrey"  SOLD

Henrey is a nice little pony standing 10.2 hands and he's 11 yr. old
Watch his videos !
Part 1
Part 2
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Cutie is a nice solid gelding. He is 14 yrs old standing 14.1 hands and build like a tank.
Cutie is gentle as a lamb easy to handle in every way !! He rides like a top gentle and does not spook. He Neck reins, side passes, you can open and close gates off him, he's very smooth with his transitions, walk, trot, lopes. He will go anywhere you point his head ! Crosses creeks, logs, up hills, down hills.  He stands like a champ for the farrierStands quiet at the rail & saddling. Takes the bit with ease.
It just goes on and on !! He really is just a nice gentle quiet gelding that is sure to make anyone happy.
Cutie is priced at $2200 and ready to travel.

Watch his video !!
Part 1

"Fred"  SOLD

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Part 2

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"Rose" (SOLD)

Meet Rose smile emoticon this little gal is wonderful!

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